3 Things You Should Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

3 Things You Should Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

Marriage is a commitment for future.  Choosing whom you are going to marry largely depends upon whether you both are compatible or not. One of the biggest decisions is to get married to a person whom you don’t know.

A most popular saying is “marriages are made in Heaven”. It is something that we all do believe. We all wish to wait for the right person to come to our life. Many of us choose our own partner. Some of us choose through the online matrimonial portals.

The little surprises are stuffed with joy but there are few things that should not be left till marriage.

Top 3 things to get clarified or keep a note of

What are his/her hobbies and interests?

You may find it’s too early to ask such question but always do it first. According to the research majority of the couples have a liking issue. It is important to look for like-minded match to make a good future together.

If you are a calm and quite person then you may not like a partner who is a party person. Being very conversant with every topic and related discussion is required. You must ask him/ her about the likes and dislikes and see whether you like it or not.  Whether you desire for somebody with similar liking or completely opposite, you must clear it to the person.

Does he/she want to shift to a different city or country after marriage?

If you both are very ambitious then you must be clear about moving out of the state or country. Often it happens that the girl wishes to stay in the country and the boy tends to go out, this leads to long distance relationship which fades away with time.  If you both desire to go out and work then it is necessary to make the other aware of your future plans. One more important thing to talk on is that whether you both will deal with finances or not.

What are his/her career goals and life plans?

It is your normal conversation so you can really ask the person about his/her career goals.  Everyone wishes to get married to someone who aims high in life, and if you similarly do the same then you must be clear with these facts. You should clearly ask about his/her future plans as it makes a big difference in married life.

Getting married is a blissful new experience, and it can make your new life more memorable. Take the effort to build up the marriage in a more positive way. Be very clear about each other’s views and life plans.

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