5 Remedies For Delayed Marriages

5 Remedies For Delayed Marriages

There can be various reasons why marriages get delayed, but at times this becomes painful especially if it’s a girl. How modern and matured we become people at times still consider this as a major flaw. So, when we try to understand situations why marriages get delayed there are few interesting factors for this.

The family’s financial position may be the primary reason as they may have multiple children and will not be able to afford marriages back to back. Generally, if children are not interested in getting married that is fine, but even if there are so many steps taken but still if that doesn’t happen then it must be considered as serious issue.

If we are looking at remedies for delayed marriages, then they can be stated as below:

  1. Traditional methods: Most of the people in our country take it very seriously and approach pundits for remedies. There can be any dosha in the horoscope because of which marriage might get delayed. In that case it is advised to perform few spiritual activities like pooja, homa etc. and try to get a remedy for that.
  2. Medical methods: Few cases where the medical and health related issues might delay marriages and it is advised to have a complete test performed and get rid of the existing problems with help of medicines and surgeries.
  3. Approaching religious people: There are so many options in this as depending upon the situation and current condition of planets located based on date of birth there are so many rituals to be performed. For example: Wearing of selected colour clothes, wearing of some auspicious threads or dollars etc.
  4. Participating in marriage functions: Its observed and believed that participation in marriage functions and being part activity will also make girl / boy get married soon. May be no scientific reasons are attached to it, however the influence and power is always seems to be carried upon to the girl / boy and always have a chance that it might influence in getting them married.
  5. Approaching matrimonial channels: There are matrimonial offices which deal dedicatedly for people having issues with delayed marriages. And they create a common platform for people with the same kind of problems and build relations based on their requirements and concerns.

Saral Swayamvar is one of this kind of initiative which will bring people having issues with delayed marriages based on various reasons together. They create this platform for them to share their views with each other along family members. This gives a chance to understand each other and make a transparency in identifying the problems. This initiative is really appreciated because in countries like India where people have challenges because or various issues where marriages are getting delayed at right age. And after that they do not get any opportunity to identify solution and a partner for their life. Now they have a ray of hope that even these situations also can be overcome with help of Saral Swayamvar and settled down in life.

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