6 Tips To Follow To Stay Safe While Using Matrimonial Websites

6 Tips To Follow To Stay Safe While Using Matrimonial Websites

Anyone ready to get hitched and you would certainly see his profile on some of the matrimonial websites. Yes, it’s not just a trend, but also a dire need in the present world where it’s not possible to look for girls only with the help of relatives. The social set up has changed and with it, the needs have also taken a turn.

However, it’s quite important to take care of all the safety precautions while using matrimonial websites. In the past few years, the number of cases related to cybercrime has seen a steep rise.  So, keeping this in view, here are a few safety tips which you must ensure to follow while using matrimonial websites:

  1. Avoid Giving Your Real Name
    Anyone can see your profile and get all the details about your profession and family background even if you don’t share your real name. And, what’s the need? Let the other person first show interest and then when you are sure to move forward with the relation, it gives you the right time to share your real name. Even the other person will certainly understand this.
  2. Don’t share your Contact Details
    Email is always the right channel to share further details if anyone shows interest on a matrimonial site. There have been so many instances where girls and in some cases even boys are stalked by the fraudsters once the relationship doesn’t take the next step or the other person feels annoyed with the rejection. So, you should never share phone number or home address. For a phone number, it’s safer to give any senior family member’s number rather than sharing your own.
  3. Don’t Give Your Financial Details
    Sometimes the friendship on a matrimonial site gets so deep that people even start helping each other on financial terms as well. But, this can become a very risky affair and a person may cheat the other in any manner after getting the bank details. So, one must avoid indulging in forming financial relations before the relation gets finalized.
  4. Always Keep Your Family in Loop
    Everything you share or the other person shares should always be known to your family. It always keeps you in a safe zone and the other person also thinks hundred times before taking any harmful step.
  5. Don’t Meet in Private
    Many a time, people start meeting the other person after just a few conversations online. Obviously, that is the next step, but the meeting should never be held in private. Such meeting should always be a family affair as it’s not only safe, but also develops confidence in the couple.
  6. Don’t Share Private Pictures
    Sharing of private pictures should never be done on any such matrimonial sites. A passport size photo is enough to let the person have an idea or just for the sake of completing the formalities of the matrimonial sites. However, anything apart from that shouldn’t be shared till the relationship is finalized.

With these safety measures, you can certainly take full benefit of matrimonial websites without being afraid of any fraudster trying to take undue advantage of your profile.

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