7 Points To Discuss Between Families Of The Bride & Groom

7 Points To Discuss Between Families Of The Bride & Groom

Love is between two hearts and souls, but when it comes to marriage, there are two families that are involved in this process. Hey! Getting married?  Whether you are going for a love marriage or an arranged one; understanding each other’s family is exceedingly essential. Because in these days we are observing many situations where the guy and the girl might be compatible with each other, but still the marriage relation broken because of major differences between family members.

So, if we have to consider this as a very significant step, then there are majorly 7 points that need to be discussed between bride and groom’s families before bonding a relation. They are:

1.Belief, traditions and values:
If the bride and groom are from different communities; well this becomes indispensable. Mostly in today’s world, people are not that much considering this as important, but few cases are there where one of the families belongs to very traditional and orthodox methods and other might be less lenient in those areas. It is important that both has respect for each other’s religion, culture and values.

2.Financial standing:
Better to be transparent at the beginning rather than repenting. Most relations these days are greatly influenced by money. May be in very few cases where both parties are well off this might not be an issue but most of the cases the difference of opinions starts from here itself. Convey expectations and limitations clearly at the preliminary stage to avoid unpleasing surprises in future.

3. Family’s way of living:
Most of today’s families have become nuclear and no one is very keen in having a joint family setup but cases may differ. So, it is better to have a clear discussion about each other’s opinion on this so that can take it further without hurting anyone’s emotions.

4. Crisis handling:
Life is always a mystery so we never know how it is going to be tomorrow. Hence it is always good to be ready and plan for crisis situations like may be relocation of the city, planning for children and any health-related issues coming up to have a better clarity for both families.

5. Understanding the past life:
There might be a difficult or greyed out periods in life so it is always advised to speak about them up front. Better than giving chance for someone else to speak about this and ruin the relationships between families.

6. Sharing of responsibilities:
Let it be about marriage related or post marriage, it is good to discuss about the sharing of responsibilities upfront based on their status, availability and other factors. So, tomorrow not giving room for other family members to talk about these things and taking situations for granted.

7. Budget discussions:
Might sound very simple but capable of becoming a major disaster at times to it is always required to speak about marriage budget and expectations clearly to avoid last moment tensions and difference of opinions.The marriage is a strong community if understood properly. Committing ourselves by overcoming minor challenges can make life great!

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