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The Sufi City of India – Things to know about Gulbarga
November 20, 2017 saral swayamvar, swayamvar

The Sufi City of India – Things to know about Gulbarga

The Sufi City of India – Things to know about Gulbarga

Previously known as ‘KALBURGI’ which means a stony land, GULBARGA was a district of Hyderabad Karnataka which later became a part of Karnataka State after Re-Organization of states. The Name ‘KALBURGI’ was later changed by Bahamani rulers.The Word GULBARGA came from Persian language where ‘Gul’ Means Flower and ‘Berg’ means Leaf. It has been under the rule of Bahamani Dynasty for a longer time and it also served as the Capital of this Empire.
Everyone who ruled Gulbarga has left their mark for their existence. This place is Speckled with art, culture and historic places, hence, marking it on the priority list of the tourists. Every year there is a huge crowd travelling to Gulbarga to observe various kind of art forms and culture.The historic places are inscribed with saying from its specific religion. The paintings inside which makes those places come alive to life once again. Gulbarga also has mouth-watering Variety of Dishes and sweets, this town is a food bliss for the food lovers.

Gulbarga has the world’s largest canon at the Bahamani Fort.

Made with an inspiration from the Bahamani using Indo-Saracenic style.

The best tourist attraction this fort portrays Islamic architecture. Built by Raja Gulchand and later this fort got equipped by Alauddin Bahaman and the town was declared as the capital of Bahamani Empire.

Built by Mohammad Bahamani in 1367, one of the oldest masjids in India. This is present in the area of Gulbarga Fort.

Sannathi, presently known as Chandralamba Temple. It is a largest Buddhist site in Karnataka making a prime location from archaeological point of view.


A kind of stuffed pancake, a special sweet prepared on all festivals and is served with mango pulp at a side of a dish.

‘Jolada rotti’ also known ‘Jawar ki Rotti’ served with traditional Indian curry. Generally, the Gulbarga food is said to be Very spiced when compared to rest of the state.


The city is very well known for its beautiful Islamic art found on the domed ceilings and walls. The official language of Gulbarga is Kannada while Urdu is most spoken by the people of the city and Marathi by many of the populace.
With its exclusive culture, background and places of fascination Gulbarga is a special encounter for tourist.You can observe various style of Arts, Culture and Architecture which makes Gulbarga Valuable for the Historians. A City where two rivers namely Bhima and Krishna flows, making the land fire for agriculture purpose and greenery.

Few Things About Mysore we need to Learn
November 17, 2017 saral swayamvar, swayamvar

Few Things About Mysore we need to Learn

Few Things About Mysore we need to Learn

Mysore a city located in India’s south-western part of Karnataka state. It is also known as ‘Mysuru’, and the city is situated at the base of the ‘Chamundi Hills’. Mysore is also known as ‘Palace City of India’. Mysore is the second largest city in Karnataka and it has also been contemplated as the cultural capital of Karnataka. It is one of the well-known tourist places in India.

Culture :
Mysore is a city where all the religions are co-existed in polyphony. The ancestors always encouraged all the religions and cultures without any discrimination. Mysore has paintings, architecture, music, poetry. The culture of Mysore extends far and wide, prefixed with the word ‘Mysore’ to recognize the unique cultural heritage. ‘Wodeyar’ kings ruled Mysore for many centuries and they have contributed significantly to make Mysore a cultural centre. Literature is also common among the people of Mysore. Hinduism is majority religion in Mysore city and Islam is second most popular religion in the city with other low majority religion are Christian, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism.

Cuisine :
Mysore cuisine includes an exciting platter of tangy, rich flavoured dishes. The cuisine of Mysore resembles a large extent the Udupi cuisine. Though idli and dosa play a prominent role in cuisine, different types of dosas with delicious chutneys and sambhar. The popular sweet dish of Mysore well-known as ‘Mysore Pak’, this sweet have his unique taste which is known all over India. Mysore has a good number of restaurants which serves delicious items for foodies. Especially south-Indian restaurants also serve typical Mysoree food. A traditional lunch dishes of Mysore that includes essential dishes cereal salads like Kosambri, Palyas, Goju, Huli and Papad.


Mysore is the dwelling of the famous Indian feminine wear, the Mysore silk saree. This sarees are manufactured in silk factory located in Mysore city. Mysore silk is a trademark for silk sarees and is produced by “Karnataka silk industries corporation”. The traits of this saree are the usage of pure silk and pure gold zari. These people follow a mixture of the traditional and western type of dressing style.

Festivals :
Mysore celebrates several types of religious festival, culture and other programmes and the other religious festival like Eid-ul-Fitr, Ambedkar Jayanti, and Christmas. The most popular festival among the Mysore people is ‘Dasshera’ is also known as ‘Dasara doll festival’. This festival generally falls in the month of September-October, depending on the auspicious Hindu calendar. A celebration of nine days of Navratri, during this festival all the roads of Mysore is illuminated and in these days the state government arranges music, folk dance, doll shows and sports competition. The ‘Dasara’ festival was started by ‘Wodeyar king’ and the ‘Wodeyar royal couple’ performed a special puja to goddess Chamundeshwari in the Chamundi temple located on the top of Chamunda hill at Mysore. The idol of the goddess Chamundeshwari is placed on the top of the decorated elephant the idol is worshipped by royal couples and other invitees. In this festival, there are other dance groups, music bands, and decorated elephants. The other Hindu festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Naag Panchami, varamhalakshmi are also celebrated by the people of Mysore.

Tourism :
The majestic city is often called as city of places there are several places to visit in Mysore. This city has some fascinating locations that one can find in the country.

Chamunda Hills: The Chamunda hills are situated close to the Mysore palace and one of the most sacred hills in south India. According to popular belief, the goddess “Chamundeshwari” killed the demon king “Mahishasura” on this hill. “Chamundeshwari” shrine is located at the top of the hill and the average elevation is 1000 meters. This hill provides a significant view of the Mysore city.

St. Philomena Cathedral Chruch: The Catholic Church that is the cathedral of the diocese of Mysore. It was constructed in 1936 and this massive was built as neo-gothic style. This is one of the tallest church in Asia and the height of this massive church is 175 feet it is visible from miles around.

Railway Museum: The Railway Museum was built by Indian Railways in 1979, this is the second Railway museum after Delhi national railway museum. It has recorded the journey of Indian railway progress through photographs, books and exhibits of locomotive engines. This museum has a battery operated mini train gives a short ride for children on the ground.

Krishna Raja Sagara Dam: This Dam is the most important dam in the southern parts of India. It was constructed in 1932. The famous garden laid on the site of KRS dam and it is famous for its symmetric plan it has the musical foundation, cascading water channels. As the evening is supposed to arrive the fountains gets illuminated which is an amazing site.

Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens: This Zoo is also known as ‘Mysuru Zoo’. It is one of the oldest and popular zoos in India. Mysore zoo is a 157-acre zoo located near the palace of Mysore. This Zoo attracts an immense number of visitors and the zoo is rich in natural vegetation and mercifully the animals are free to move about in their vast enclosures.Mysore is also famous for its stone carvings and painting. Oil paintings and water paintings are also famous in Mysore. A branch of Mysore traditional Mysore painting is known as ‘Ganjifa Paintings’. From all these things in Mysore tourists get immediacy and they are attracted to the heritage of Mysore.

Apart from these tourist attractions, the other tourist places in Mysore are nearly 200 parks and playground, the happy man park, wax museum of melody world, The Folklore Museum, GRS Fantasy Park and Planet X Amusement Park.
As Mysore is known for its great culture, tourism, and cuisine. This city includes lots of prominent aged things. Mysore is a perfect destination if you want to experience some regality. Visiting Mysore would take you to a new level of a trip.

7 Ways That Will Help You Make Your Married Life More Interesting
November 10, 2017 saral swayamvar, swayamvar

7 Ways That Will Help You Make Your Married Life More Interesting

7 Ways That Will Help You Make Your Married Life More Interesting

The beginning of every marriage is fun. Maybe things are interesting for the first few years. What is important is keeping it that way for the long term! It is common to have highs and lows and at times, it seems like a struggle to keep everything going on happy. First thing, no matter how hectic life gets, don’t forget to do exciting things with your partner; maybe like going on a holiday; a late night movie! Here is a list of 7 things that will keep the spark in your relationship and keep your married life much more interesting.

Try new hobbies together :

It is common for a person to have hobbies of his own. Doing your own thing is not as exciting as doing something you both enjoy doing together. Pick out something that both of you enjoy and try it out! If it works well, you can make it a weekend pass time. You get a chance to spend more time together. That means more time to talk, laugh, and have fun- all together

Go on a trip :

Maybe it’s been long since you took a holiday because you are buying with your tight work schedule. That won’t help keep your at-home life interesting. It needs a change. Pack your bags and get away from all the stress for a day or two or maybe even a week! This helps you catch up on all the stuff you missed coming together because of the hectic schedule you had.

It’s ok to fool around :

Just because you are, a married couple does not mean that you have to be responsible and working all day long. You can be that version of you, which existed in high school! Play games, dance, click random pictures, and have loads of fun! It’s surprising how being a little kid, can make time fly by and make everything seem so interesting again. Occasionally, this is absolutely fun and fine.

No ‘chore wars’ please :

One thing you should avoid doing for a happy marriage is not to fight over little things like ‘who should do the dishes’ or ‘who should take the trash out’. Learning to do everything together can help make even odd jobs interesting and fun.

Create a shared viewpoint :

This is where most couples make everything go wrong. They stop seeing eye-to-eye on things and often have different viewpoints. Take time to sit down, relax and then talk things out. Then it is easy to find a point in the discussion that both of you agree about. Jointly plan out major decisions in life and put in the effort that requires. This can make your married life happy and in turn more interesting.

Verbalize your feelings :

When it comes to being happy and being in a happy relationship or happy married life, you need to be expressive about your feelings. Show you, partner, that you love him/her. Also, show that you have been hurt by something that previously happened between the two of you instead of leaving them to wonder what happened. This makes life with you much more interesting for your partner.

Be full of surprises :

Plan a romantic evening together as a surprise for your partner. Host a surprise party. Do anything that will surprise him/her and make him live the moment!

Try to implement one of these and you’ll see how happy you can be. Keep doing it and keeping being happy! It is as simple as pie to make your married life much more interesting. Even little things can add a lot to your relationship.

6 Necessary Need-To-Know Wedding Planning Tips
November 08, 2017 saral swayamvar, swayamvar

6 Necessary Need-To-Know Wedding Planning Tips

6 Necessary Need-To-Know Wedding Planning Tips

Are you planning your wedding? If it’s just a few days left to your gala wedding date, you must be wondering if you could get some tips and tricks from an expert. Who can you contact for your wedding planning? Where can you find such an expert who can provide you with the best suggestions and tricks? Given below are 6 need-to-know tricks to make sure that your wedding event is gala and successful:

Count the guests :
As you start your wedding planning, you must make it a point to prepare a rough list of guests you’d love to call on the wedding day. Doing this will also help you to make a budget for the wedding. Also, you need to make arrangements for the sitting, for food and for celebration. According to the number of guests, you can make the other arrangements.

Investigate on the dates for your wedding:
Does your wedding date fall on the date of a trade conference? Is it a day of a national strike or any other event? Then, you should look for some other date for arranging your wedding. You must consult with your elders and your fiancée to look for at least two or three tentative dates for the wedding. Then you can fix the most viable one.

Consider the season for planning your wedding:
If possible, do not plan your wedding on a hot summer day. It is really going to be uncomfortable for the guests. It will be uncomfortable for you as well. You should also avoid rainy seasons or a stormy day for your weddings.

Check your finances :
Weddings are generally costly affairs. You must make sure that you have enough finance in your bank account for arranging the wedding. You need to check whether you can withdraw amounts from the bank. It is advisable that you have enough cash in your hand.

Menu for the wedding:
You need to decide on the menu for the wedding. Remember, food is one of the main attractions for the guests in a wedding. Therefore, you need to choose a menu for the wedding carefully. You should let the guests know about the food. You need to mention whether you are inviting them for a lunch or dinner. You should also arrange for chefs for the wedding too. The cost for all these should be calculated beforehand.

Unforeseen expenses should be calculated too :
When it is a wedding, you must keep space for many unforeseen expenses. You need to know that there could be many things that you need to spend at the last minutes. There could be many things in your checklist which you could miss! Arranging everything late could lead to a bit extra expense. So, you should be ready for it.

So, now you know that there are many things that you need to plan when it comes to arranging a wedding. Wedding planning is necessary in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle. You must take help of your friends, family members, and elders in the arrangement for a wedding event. So, get ready for the most awaited event of your life and don’t worry about the arrangements!

Kannada Wedding Traditions
November 06, 2017 saral swayamvar, swayamvar

Kannada Wedding Traditions

Kannada Wedding Traditions

Kannada weddings are normally 1 to 2 days events which are focussed more on traditional rituals. These simple weddings, but ones which have a number of traditional rituals which have deep meaning. Let us go through the Kannada wedding traditions.

Nischay Tamulam :

This is like an engagement ceremony. But prior to this the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom are matched. Only if the horoscopes predict a good future then the Nischay Tamulam ceremony is held. Here the groom’s parents will give the bride saree, coconut and sweets and the bride’s parents will gift the groom dhoti, coconut, and sweets. During this ceremony, the wedding date is fixed.

Naandi ceremony :

This pooja is held at the bride and groom’s place. A copper pot filled with water which represents nectar of life is taken and a coconut is placed on it. The first invitation is given to the family deity and pooja is performed in order to avoid any obstacles during the wedding.

Kashi Yaatre:

This is a fun event where the groom pretends to leave for Kashi yatra since no one is finding a suitable girl for him. The maternal uncle then shows him the bride that has been selected for him and convinces him not to leave the house.

DevKarya :

On the day of the wedding, the first thing that the groom will do is visit the local temple and seeks Lord’s blessings. All the things that will be used in the wedding are placed before God. It symbolizes purification of all the objects and taking God’s blessings.

The attire :

The bride and groom wear traditional attires. Their attire may vary a bit depending on the region. But generally, the groom wears veshti, pheta, Kurata and a silk scarf. He carries a stick in his right hand after getting the stick blessed by the priest. The bride wears heavy silk saree and lots of ornaments. She will normally wear green bangles in the hand.

YoGroom’s welcome :

When the groom arrives at the wedding venue with his relatives he is welcomed by 5 married women called sumangalis. They will do arti of the groom and will welcome him.

Mandap puja :

Before starting with the wedding ritual the priest will purify the mandap where the wedding is to take place by performing the mandap puja.

Var Puja :

The bride’s father will take the groom into the wedding venue and will wash his feet and the groom’s arti is done. The bride’s father will then give the groom dhoti and pitamber. The groom has to wear these clothes for the wedding.

Jaimala :
Here the bride is brought into the mandap. Her sister will cover her face with a fan made from peacock feathers. The bride takes her seat in the mandap and a curtain is placed between the bride and the groom so that they cannot see each other. The priest will chant mantras. The curtain is then removed and the bride and the groom will exchange the garland of flowers known as jaimala 3 times.

Dhareherdu :

In This is the kanyadan ritual. The bride’s right hand is kept on the right hand of the groom. Coconut and betel leaves are placed on their hands. The bride’s parents will pour holy water on this. This ritual signifies that the bride’s parents have accepted the proposal.

Saptapadi :

A knot is tied between the groom and the bride’s dress. They are then asked to go around the holy fire seven times. Here the bride has to follow the groom. They will take the sacred wedding vows. Once the saptpadi is completed the bride and the groom will sit down such that the bride is on the left side of the groom. The groom will now tie the mangalsutra around the bride’s neck. The couple will then take the blessings of the elders of both the families.

Okhali :

This is more of a game than a ritual. Here the groom’s ring is dropped in a vessel which has milk. Now the bride has to find the ring. She has to play three rounds. If she manages to find the ring then it indicates that she will be able to surpass all challenges in her married life.

Vidaii :

The bride will say a tearful goodbye to her parents and will go to her new house. Her brother will accompany her and he will leave after dropping the bride. The bride is given several gifts by her parents which will be useful for her in her new home.

Griha Pravesh :

The groom’s mother will do arti and will welcome the bride. The bride has to knock down a pot filled with rice into the house and has to enter the house. In some families, the groom will change the name of his new bride by writing it with his ring in a plate of rice. The groom will give 5 sarees to the bride.

Going to bride’s home :

Next day the bride’s parents will take the new couple to their home where the couple has to stay for one night and then the couple will go back to their home. During their short stay, the couple is given a royal treatment and a scrumptious meal is prepared in their honor.

Reception :

A reception is given by the groom’s family so that the bride can be introduced to the relatives.

The Kannada wedding rituals have similarity to the wedding rituals of the neighboring states. These traditions are still followed strictly by Kannadigas. They make sure that each and every wedding tradition is carried out properly and no mistakes are made. They start the preparations for the wedding many days in advance so that there are no mistake or last minute problems. Kannada weddings are one of the best weddings in the country. They are simple but yet have lots of color and relatives and friends really enjoy all these traditional rituals that are performed in Kannada weddings.

Things You Should Know About Namma Bangalore!
October 23, 2017 saral swayamvar, swayamvar

Things You Should Know About Namma Bangalore!

Things You Should Know About Namma Bangalore!

Bangalore is officially known as “Bengaluru”, it is dubbed as the ‘Indian Silicon Valley’ located in Southern India on the Deccan Plateau. Bengaluru is the capital of Indian state of Karnataka and the third largest city in India. As Classified Bangalore comes under top five A-1 cities in India.As from the history, Bangalore was the first city in India to get electricity. Bangalore is also known as the tech capital of India. The name Bangalore signifies as a hub for Information Technology companies in India. A vast company like Wipro and Infosys have their headquarters. The Growth of this city is skyrocketing about population.

Culture: Let’s check out with the culture of Bangalore it is quite Interesting. Visiting this Place of motley culture is fun. Bangalore culture is unique culture most of the Bangalorians choose to live in their traditions. This city has a spectacular night lifestyle and shelters. They have a robust religious impact on their lifestyle. Apart from these, there are Entertainment centres, golf clubs, race course, and cricket clubs. This city has different forms of arts, music, and drama. Carnatic Music is famous in Bangalore which is a Form of Indian music which is found in almost every part of south India. Arts and theatre are a vital part of Bangalore which adds a lot more to their culture.
The richly painted city walls gives small insight of the rich heritage and culture of Bangalore providing employment to various artists.

Religion: One of a widely prevalent religion in Bangalore is Hinduism, majority practices this religion and second is Islam practiced by Muslims.
Bangalore celebrates their old culture which is known as ‘Karaga Shaktyotsava’ and also the festival of lights ‘Deepavali’ celebrated with great robustness. One of the important festival ‘Dasherra’ and it is a hallmark of the kingdom of Mysore.
As other Traditional Indian festivals are also celebrated such as:
Ganesh Chaturthi
Kadalekaya Parishe

Music: Bangalore is a hub for classical and contemporary music and it was marked by many musicians who have contributed remarkably to both forms of Indian Classical music.
Bangalore have such Musician celebrities on which they have a pride such as:
Purandaradasa (the father of Carnatic music)
Kalakkad Subbiah Ramanarayanan Iyer
Dr. Nithyasree Mahadevan
Basavaraj Rajguru
Sawai Gandharva
Bangalore was also the first city in India where is internationally popular rock groups The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Deep purple among them are various other heavy metal group performed in India

Education: Bangalore has a high literacy rate and it’s also known as a quality of education provided by various great institutes. Bangalore is an educational hub for students from all across India and other parts of the world. Institutes in Bangalore are exceptionally good at high quality education. Bangalore has a pride of having renowned institutions like Indian Institute of Management IIM, Indian Institute of Information and Technology and the Institute of bioinformatics. Among these many schools which are famous like Baldwins, Sophia high school for girls, Bishop Cotton School and St.joseph for boys. A Japanese school named by “Bangarōru Nihonjin Hoshū Jugyō Kō” organizes Japanese Weekend Educational Programme for Japanese Nationals living in Bangalore.

Cuisine: They love to eat out different types of cuisine apart from local food. This city has Most Genuine Indian delicacies. The City of Bengaluru has an Exotic street food culture that is increasing on the daily basis. The first street food came into existence in Bangalore at V.V.Puram (Vishaweshvara Puram) as the food popularly known as ‘Thindi Beedi’, ‘Shettara Beedi’ and ‘Khau Gali’ it is Vastly Prominent. It’s a Heaven for Foodies Satisfying with both the eyes with energetic food and astonishing dishes. This Street is narrowly three hundred meters extended from Sajjan Rao circle to the end of the Old Market road. There are Countless eaters on this street.

An Outlet ‘ARYA VYSYA REFRESHMENT’: it has a history of 75 years for serving ‘Curd Kodubele’ and its mouth-watering deep fried food and ‘Idlis’ which are served with Red hot chutney. Apart from V.V.Puram, Kormangala also ranks in serving amazing and quality street food.Bangalore is full of culture and history which is maintained very well. When you visit Bangalore you really get a sense that the city is very proud of their heritage and also looks after. Bangalore is much diversified and have experienced people from not just India but from across the globe. This mixture of people and culture is integrated well into the city.

6 Tips To Follow To Stay Safe While Using Matrimonial Websites
October 07, 2017 saral swayamvar, swayamvar

6 Tips To Follow To Stay Safe While Using Matrimonial Websites

6 Tips To Follow To Stay Safe While Using Matrimonial Websites

Anyone ready to get hitched and you would certainly see his profile on some of the matrimonial websites. Yes, it’s not just a trend, but also a dire need in the present world where it’s not possible to look for girls only with the help of relatives. The social set up has changed and with it, the needs have also taken a turn.

However, it’s quite important to take care of all the safety precautions while using matrimonial websites. In the past few years, the number of cases related to cybercrime has seen a steep rise.  So, keeping this in view, here are a few safety tips which you must ensure to follow while using matrimonial websites:

  1. Avoid Giving Your Real Name
    Anyone can see your profile and get all the details about your profession and family background even if you don’t share your real name. And, what’s the need? Let the other person first show interest and then when you are sure to move forward with the relation, it gives you the right time to share your real name. Even the other person will certainly understand this.
  2. Don’t share your Contact Details
    Email is always the right channel to share further details if anyone shows interest on a matrimonial site. There have been so many instances where girls and in some cases even boys are stalked by the fraudsters once the relationship doesn’t take the next step or the other person feels annoyed with the rejection. So, you should never share phone number or home address. For a phone number, it’s safer to give any senior family member’s number rather than sharing your own.
  3. Don’t Give Your Financial Details
    Sometimes the friendship on a matrimonial site gets so deep that people even start helping each other on financial terms as well. But, this can become a very risky affair and a person may cheat the other in any manner after getting the bank details. So, one must avoid indulging in forming financial relations before the relation gets finalized.
  4. Always Keep Your Family in Loop
    Everything you share or the other person shares should always be known to your family. It always keeps you in a safe zone and the other person also thinks hundred times before taking any harmful step.
  5. Don’t Meet in Private
    Many a time, people start meeting the other person after just a few conversations online. Obviously, that is the next step, but the meeting should never be held in private. Such meeting should always be a family affair as it’s not only safe, but also develops confidence in the couple.
  6. Don’t Share Private Pictures
    Sharing of private pictures should never be done on any such matrimonial sites. A passport size photo is enough to let the person have an idea or just for the sake of completing the formalities of the matrimonial sites. However, anything apart from that shouldn’t be shared till the relationship is finalized.

With these safety measures, you can certainly take full benefit of matrimonial websites without being afraid of any fraudster trying to take undue advantage of your profile.

Things You Should Know About Namma Davanagere!
October 05, 2017 saral swayamvar, swayamvar

Things You Should Know About Namma Davanagere!

Things You Should Know About Namma Davanagere!

Davangere, the city that was known as the Manchester of Karnataka, is situated in the heart of Southern Karnataka. Famous for its textile industries till the 80’s, Davangere has sprung up as a major hub for agro-industrial activities. Majority of the agro-activities revolve around rice and sugarcane. The 6th biggest city in the state of Karnataka, this city boasts of the great quality of education that various institutes provide through a variety of courses.
Art, Music, Carnivals and Literature: Like every other state or city in India, Davangere also celebrates a variety of festivals and are very intimately connected to the religious beliefs. People of every religion celebrate different festivals with lot of zeal, delight and enthusiasm. Apart from the festivities, sports and architecture also are an integral part of the Davangere culture. The architectural wonders of the ancient India will leave you mesmerised. All the festivals of Davangere are marked by colourful decorations, pretty traditional clothing and delicious eateries. Some festivals of Davangere that one should definitely be a part of are:

  • Durgambika Devi Jatre
  • Dasara Doll Festival
  • Ugadi
  • Karaga Festival
  • Mahashivratri
  • Kadambotsava Cultural Festival

Cookeries: Davangere has its own speciality in food and cuisines. It also has the blend of north and south Karnataka dishes. You will find scrumptious food and delicious fruit juices to win over your taste buds. Their food items are made from the unique and creative usage of rice. The speciality of Davanagere includes:

  • Benne Dosa
  • Benne Masala Dosa
  • Benne Open Dosa
  • Kara Mandakki
  • Menasinakaayi
  • Nargis Mandakki Uppittu
  • Avalakki
  • Rice Bath and many more…

Famous ‘Guladiki Unndi’ is a Davangere special sweet dish.
Venue spots: We all need a seamless venue to make our special days memorable. Here are some wonderful halls for the celebration of your most important day:

  • Shramjeevi Function Hall
  • Gouri Estate Kalyan Mandapam
  • Thogataveera Kalyan Mantapa

Vacationers’ spots: Davanagere has something for every tourist. This city gives an experience of picturesque hilltop, serene lakes and centuries-old temples & shrines. Some of the remarkable spots to visit here are:

Luminaries: The land of Davangere has given us few prominent faces. Vinay Kumar, the famous Indian Cricketer and former Chief Minister of Karnataka, Shri J H Patel.

With so much to offer and aid the people staying in Davangere, Saral Life under the guidance of Dr. Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji came up with Saral Marriage. The matrimonial service eases one’s process of finding the right life partner for themselves or dear ones with its revolutionary approach. With the apt approach in place, Saral Marriage is going to conduct Saral Swayamvar Event in Davangere at Smt. Gouramma Narahari Shet Sabha Bhavana, in Vinoba Nagar. It will provide a platform to all the prospective brides and grooms to find life partners based on their interests and expectations.

Things You Should Know About Namma Hubballi!
September 16, 2017 saral swayamvar, swayamvar

Things You Should Know About Namma Hubballi!

Things You Should Know About Namma Hubballi!

Hubballi-Dharwad, the twin cities of the state of Karnataka is the second-largest metropolis after Bengaluru. Hubballi is usually referred as Hubballi, after the government of state officially named the city on 1st November, 2005. Hubballi in Kannada means ‘flowering creeper’.

Hubballi is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Being an industrial hub of North Karnataka, Hubballi has been the soil of the emergence of many industries, including CG Parivar. Now CG Parivar has become the largest employer in Hubballi-Dharwad. Apart from industries, the literacy rate of the twin city is also very high with the average of 87.28%.

With all the advancements in the twin cities, marriage holds a very special place in their culture. Finding a suitable life partner with similar interests and preferences with the involvement of parents and dear ones has been followed by everyone in this region.


Hubballi-Dharwad has gifted our nation with gems who uplifted the Indian Business Economy to the World Standards. Venturing into varying Sectors and Fields, these Business Magnets have been reforming lives across the nation with their Businesses. Here are some business legends –

Art, Music, Carnivals and Literature:

Being a blend of two cities Hubballi-Dharwad is a multicultural city. People of every religion and community live here in peace and harmony and celebrates different cultures with lot of zeal, delight and enthusiasm, making twin-city culturally rich. Carnatic music and dance forms are a very core part of Hubballi-Dharwad.

The city of Hubballi rejoices Dharwad Utsav. It is a daylong festival of Hubballi-Dharwad, celebrated in the month of November. The utsav is embraced with full day Hindustani concert, marked by music, dance, theatre, painting, Janapada & other such activities.

Here are some exceptionally gifted artists, musicians and writers that Hubballi-Dharwad –

  1. Musicians:
  1. Writers:
  1. Artists:


The cookeries or cuisines of Hubballi involve the love for spicy delicacies. You will find a scrumptious spicy food to win over your taste buds. The speciality of Hubballi-Dharwad includes:

  • Jolada Rotti Ooda – Staple nutritive food of North Karnataka. It is made of ‘Jowar’ or ‘corn flour’.
  • Badanikai Palya – A popular vegetable curry in Hubballi, made from eggplant.
  • Girmit – A light, crispy, delicious tea time snack.
  • Dharwad Peda – Most popular sweet dish of this region. It is made out of milk, sugar and khoa.

Venue spots:

We all need a seamless venue to make our special day memorable. Here are some wonderful halls for the celebration of your most important day:

  • R N Shetty Kalyana Mantapa
  • Shree Soubhagyalalita Kalyan Mantap
  • Sri Vishweshwar Nagar Kalyan Mantapa
  • Saraswati Sadan

Vacationers’ spots:

Even though Hubballi-Dharwad is not a famous vacation spot, but there are various attractive places which these twin-cities encompass.  Few amazing places to stop by when visiting Hubballi are:

Saral Swayamvar is a spectacular union of traditional matrimonial meet and modern technologies to help prospective brides and grooms to find a suitable life partner. It is organised in Namma Hubballi on September 17. The event is open to all the communities. You get a broader platform for finding your suitable partners, by getting your profile updated on Saral Marriage portal and with the Live broadcast of your profile on Saral Jeevan.  You will not only get served on the day of event, but post-event as well.

To know more about the event, visit –

Saral Swayamvar and Saral Marriage are the initiatives of Saral Life, under the blessings and guidance of Dr Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji, Founder & Inventor of Saral Vaastu.

Saral Swayamvar and Saral Marriage are initiatives of Saral Life, under the blessings and guidance of Dr Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji, Founder & Inventor of Saral Vaastu.