Saral Swayamvar – Creating Relationships Which Last For A Lifetime

Saral Swayamvar – Creating Relationships Which Last For A Lifetime

Marriage is one of the important steps in our life where a lovely bond is created between two people and they begin a wonderful life together. But, long lasting bonds are only created after special care is taken to identify if the two individuals are compatible with each other.  There are many matrimonial websites and applications apps that help in match-making, but everything allows you to search for profiles but cannot connect you with any prospective alliances in person. You only get to know the compatibility between two individuals only after meeting them in person. The meeting enables the individuals in understand each other’s character, ambitions and aspirations, which help them decide on their compatibility.

With a dream of bringing happiness in people’s live and Betterment of Mankind, Saral Life has organised Saral Swayamvar under the guidance of Dr. Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji, Founder & Inventor of Saral Vaastu, philanthropist and a guide to millions across the world.

Saral Swayamvar, a beautiful amalgamation of traditional matrimonial meet and modern technologies to help enable prospective brides and grooms find a suitable life partner, is organised in Namma Hubballi on September 17. It is a gathering of several prospective grooms and brides along with their families at one place where they can decide with whom you would like to spend rest of your life.

Background of Saral Swayamvar

The initiative of Saral Swayamvar by Saral Life is to provide you with an opportunity of making one of the most important decisions of your life i.e. finding and choosing the right companion for yourself. Saral Life believes in the betterment of the mankind and makes every person’s life easy in every way possible and this is another step towards it.

Finding a suitable partner to spend your life with is not an easy task. It doesn’t happen in a second, or in a day. It requires a good deal of patience, time and luck. The whole process of finding a life partner and getting married has become much more challenging in recent years. Even with many Matrimonial Meets happening around the country, on an average 2-3% of the attendees find their suitable partners. The majority of them need to attend as many events as possible to increase their chances to find a suitable life partner. Keeping all these things in mind, Saral Life has come up with an event, which not only serves you the purpose of finding a perfect companion during the event but will help you throughout till the attendees get married.

Saral Swayamvar is a one day event with long-lasting effects. The whole event will be broadcasted on Saral Jeevan in order to give you a much bigger platform to find your companion. With 100+ prospective brides and grooms attending the event, you might fail to connect with someone on the day of event. The Live Broadcast and its repeat telecast will help the prospective brides and grooms in paying more attention.

That’s not it. You also get a free subscription on where you can give your matrimonial profile a push and let it reach as many people as possible. Your profile on Saral Marriage portal will help you select your prospect on your own with the ease. Why worry when technology has made everything so easy for you!

This initiative of Saral Life is to make every step of your marriage easy and your marriage sustainable.

Why is Saral Swayamvar Different from other Matrimony Meets? 

  • The event is open for all the communities. Every person from every community is invited here and free to choose their suitable prospects.
  • Provides you with the opportunity to find partners not just on the day of event, but post-event as well.
  • Live Broadcast of the event on Saral Jeevan channel for a month, increasing your chances of finding suitable companion.
  • Enquiries made during the telecast of the vent will be sent to you.
  • After the event, your profile will be updated on the Saral Marriage portal, increasing your chances of finding suitors on your own by increasing your visibility.
  • Helping you with your marriage ceremonies and rituals.
  • Providing you with the services post-marriage to sustain your marriage.

Come join and become the part of Saral Swayamvar Parivar and find and be found by your potential and suitable companion.

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