The Sufi City of India – Things to know about Gulbarga

The Sufi City of India – Things to know about Gulbarga

Previously known as ‘KALBURGI’ which means a stony land, GULBARGA was a district of Hyderabad Karnataka which later became a part of Karnataka State after Re-Organization of states. The Name ‘KALBURGI’ was later changed by Bahamani rulers.The Word GULBARGA came from Persian language where ‘Gul’ Means Flower and ‘Berg’ means Leaf. It has been under the rule of Bahamani Dynasty for a longer time and it also served as the Capital of this Empire.
Everyone who ruled Gulbarga has left their mark for their existence. This place is Speckled with art, culture and historic places, hence, marking it on the priority list of the tourists. Every year there is a huge crowd travelling to Gulbarga to observe various kind of art forms and culture.The historic places are inscribed with saying from its specific religion. The paintings inside which makes those places come alive to life once again. Gulbarga also has mouth-watering Variety of Dishes and sweets, this town is a food bliss for the food lovers.

Gulbarga has the world’s largest canon at the Bahamani Fort.

Made with an inspiration from the Bahamani using Indo-Saracenic style.

The best tourist attraction this fort portrays Islamic architecture. Built by Raja Gulchand and later this fort got equipped by Alauddin Bahaman and the town was declared as the capital of Bahamani Empire.

Built by Mohammad Bahamani in 1367, one of the oldest masjids in India. This is present in the area of Gulbarga Fort.

Sannathi, presently known as Chandralamba Temple. It is a largest Buddhist site in Karnataka making a prime location from archaeological point of view.


A kind of stuffed pancake, a special sweet prepared on all festivals and is served with mango pulp at a side of a dish.

‘Jolada rotti’ also known ‘Jawar ki Rotti’ served with traditional Indian curry. Generally, the Gulbarga food is said to be Very spiced when compared to rest of the state.


The city is very well known for its beautiful Islamic art found on the domed ceilings and walls. The official language of Gulbarga is Kannada while Urdu is most spoken by the people of the city and Marathi by many of the populace.
With its exclusive culture, background and places of fascination Gulbarga is a special encounter for tourist.You can observe various style of Arts, Culture and Architecture which makes Gulbarga Valuable for the Historians. A City where two rivers namely Bhima and Krishna flows, making the land fire for agriculture purpose and greenery.

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