Few Things About Mysore we need to Learn

Few Things About Mysore we need to Learn

Mysore a city located in India’s south-western part of Karnataka state. It is also known as ‘Mysuru’, and the city is situated at the base of the ‘Chamundi Hills’. Mysore is also known as ‘Palace City of India’. Mysore is the second largest city in Karnataka and it has also been contemplated as the cultural capital of Karnataka. It is one of the well-known tourist places in India.

Culture :
Mysore is a city where all the religions are co-existed in polyphony. The ancestors always encouraged all the religions and cultures without any discrimination. Mysore has paintings, architecture, music, poetry. The culture of Mysore extends far and wide, prefixed with the word ‘Mysore’ to recognize the unique cultural heritage. ‘Wodeyar’ kings ruled Mysore for many centuries and they have contributed significantly to make Mysore a cultural centre. Literature is also common among the people of Mysore. Hinduism is majority religion in Mysore city and Islam is second most popular religion in the city with other low majority religion are Christian, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism.

Cuisine :
Mysore cuisine includes an exciting platter of tangy, rich flavoured dishes. The cuisine of Mysore resembles a large extent the Udupi cuisine. Though idli and dosa play a prominent role in cuisine, different types of dosas with delicious chutneys and sambhar. The popular sweet dish of Mysore well-known as ‘Mysore Pak’, this sweet have his unique taste which is known all over India. Mysore has a good number of restaurants which serves delicious items for foodies. Especially south-Indian restaurants also serve typical Mysoree food. A traditional lunch dishes of Mysore that includes essential dishes cereal salads like Kosambri, Palyas, Goju, Huli and Papad.


Mysore is the dwelling of the famous Indian feminine wear, the Mysore silk saree. This sarees are manufactured in silk factory located in Mysore city. Mysore silk is a trademark for silk sarees and is produced by “Karnataka silk industries corporation". The traits of this saree are the usage of pure silk and pure gold zari. These people follow a mixture of the traditional and western type of dressing style.

Festivals :
Mysore celebrates several types of religious festival, culture and other programmes and the other religious festival like Eid-ul-Fitr, Ambedkar Jayanti, and Christmas. The most popular festival among the Mysore people is ‘Dasshera’ is also known as ‘Dasara doll festival’. This festival generally falls in the month of September-October, depending on the auspicious Hindu calendar. A celebration of nine days of Navratri, during this festival all the roads of Mysore is illuminated and in these days the state government arranges music, folk dance, doll shows and sports competition. The ‘Dasara’ festival was started by ‘Wodeyar king’ and the ‘Wodeyar royal couple’ performed a special puja to goddess Chamundeshwari in the Chamundi temple located on the top of Chamunda hill at Mysore. The idol of the goddess Chamundeshwari is placed on the top of the decorated elephant the idol is worshipped by royal couples and other invitees. In this festival, there are other dance groups, music bands, and decorated elephants. The other Hindu festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Naag Panchami, varamhalakshmi are also celebrated by the people of Mysore.

Tourism :
The majestic city is often called as city of places there are several places to visit in Mysore. This city has some fascinating locations that one can find in the country.

Chamunda Hills: The Chamunda hills are situated close to the Mysore palace and one of the most sacred hills in south India. According to popular belief, the goddess “Chamundeshwari" killed the demon king “Mahishasura" on this hill. “Chamundeshwari" shrine is located at the top of the hill and the average elevation is 1000 meters. This hill provides a significant view of the Mysore city.

St. Philomena Cathedral Chruch: The Catholic Church that is the cathedral of the diocese of Mysore. It was constructed in 1936 and this massive was built as neo-gothic style. This is one of the tallest church in Asia and the height of this massive church is 175 feet it is visible from miles around.

Railway Museum: The Railway Museum was built by Indian Railways in 1979, this is the second Railway museum after Delhi national railway museum. It has recorded the journey of Indian railway progress through photographs, books and exhibits of locomotive engines. This museum has a battery operated mini train gives a short ride for children on the ground.

Krishna Raja Sagara Dam: This Dam is the most important dam in the southern parts of India. It was constructed in 1932. The famous garden laid on the site of KRS dam and it is famous for its symmetric plan it has the musical foundation, cascading water channels. As the evening is supposed to arrive the fountains gets illuminated which is an amazing site.

Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens: This Zoo is also known as ‘Mysuru Zoo’. It is one of the oldest and popular zoos in India. Mysore zoo is a 157-acre zoo located near the palace of Mysore. This Zoo attracts an immense number of visitors and the zoo is rich in natural vegetation and mercifully the animals are free to move about in their vast enclosures.Mysore is also famous for its stone carvings and painting. Oil paintings and water paintings are also famous in Mysore. A branch of Mysore traditional Mysore painting is known as ‘Ganjifa Paintings’. From all these things in Mysore tourists get immediacy and they are attracted to the heritage of Mysore.

Apart from these tourist attractions, the other tourist places in Mysore are nearly 200 parks and playground, the happy man park, wax museum of melody world, The Folklore Museum, GRS Fantasy Park and Planet X Amusement Park.
As Mysore is known for its great culture, tourism, and cuisine. This city includes lots of prominent aged things. Mysore is a perfect destination if you want to experience some regality. Visiting Mysore would take you to a new level of a trip.

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