Things You Should Know About Namma Bangalore!

Things You Should Know About Namma Bangalore!

Bangalore is officially known as “Bengaluru", it is dubbed as the ‘Indian Silicon Valley’ located in Southern India on the Deccan Plateau. Bengaluru is the capital of Indian state of Karnataka and the third largest city in India. As Classified Bangalore comes under top five A-1 cities in India.As from the history, Bangalore was the first city in India to get electricity. Bangalore is also known as the tech capital of India. The name Bangalore signifies as a hub for Information Technology companies in India. A vast company like Wipro and Infosys have their headquarters. The Growth of this city is skyrocketing about population.

Culture: Let’s check out with the culture of Bangalore it is quite Interesting. Visiting this Place of motley culture is fun. Bangalore culture is unique culture most of the Bangalorians choose to live in their traditions. This city has a spectacular night lifestyle and shelters. They have a robust religious impact on their lifestyle. Apart from these, there are Entertainment centres, golf clubs, race course, and cricket clubs. This city has different forms of arts, music, and drama. Carnatic Music is famous in Bangalore which is a Form of Indian music which is found in almost every part of south India. Arts and theatre are a vital part of Bangalore which adds a lot more to their culture.
The richly painted city walls gives small insight of the rich heritage and culture of Bangalore providing employment to various artists.

Religion: One of a widely prevalent religion in Bangalore is Hinduism, majority practices this religion and second is Islam practiced by Muslims.
Bangalore celebrates their old culture which is known as ‘Karaga Shaktyotsava’ and also the festival of lights ‘Deepavali’ celebrated with great robustness. One of the important festival ‘Dasherra’ and it is a hallmark of the kingdom of Mysore.
As other Traditional Indian festivals are also celebrated such as:
Ganesh Chaturthi
Kadalekaya Parishe

Music: Bangalore is a hub for classical and contemporary music and it was marked by many musicians who have contributed remarkably to both forms of Indian Classical music.
Bangalore have such Musician celebrities on which they have a pride such as:
Purandaradasa (the father of Carnatic music)
Kalakkad Subbiah Ramanarayanan Iyer
Dr. Nithyasree Mahadevan
Basavaraj Rajguru
Sawai Gandharva
Bangalore was also the first city in India where is internationally popular rock groups The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Deep purple among them are various other heavy metal group performed in India

Education: Bangalore has a high literacy rate and it’s also known as a quality of education provided by various great institutes. Bangalore is an educational hub for students from all across India and other parts of the world. Institutes in Bangalore are exceptionally good at high quality education. Bangalore has a pride of having renowned institutions like Indian Institute of Management IIM, Indian Institute of Information and Technology and the Institute of bioinformatics. Among these many schools which are famous like Baldwins, Sophia high school for girls, Bishop Cotton School and St.joseph for boys. A Japanese school named by “Bangarōru Nihonjin Hoshū Jugyō Kō" organizes Japanese Weekend Educational Programme for Japanese Nationals living in Bangalore.

Cuisine: They love to eat out different types of cuisine apart from local food. This city has Most Genuine Indian delicacies. The City of Bengaluru has an Exotic street food culture that is increasing on the daily basis. The first street food came into existence in Bangalore at V.V.Puram (Vishaweshvara Puram) as the food popularly known as ‘Thindi Beedi’, ‘Shettara Beedi’ and ‘Khau Gali’ it is Vastly Prominent. It’s a Heaven for Foodies Satisfying with both the eyes with energetic food and astonishing dishes. This Street is narrowly three hundred meters extended from Sajjan Rao circle to the end of the Old Market road. There are Countless eaters on this street.

An Outlet ‘ARYA VYSYA REFRESHMENT’: it has a history of 75 years for serving ‘Curd Kodubele’ and its mouth-watering deep fried food and ‘Idlis’ which are served with Red hot chutney. Apart from V.V.Puram, Kormangala also ranks in serving amazing and quality street food.Bangalore is full of culture and history which is maintained very well. When you visit Bangalore you really get a sense that the city is very proud of their heritage and also looks after. Bangalore is much diversified and have experienced people from not just India but from across the globe. This mixture of people and culture is integrated well into the city.

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