Things You Should Know About Namma Davanagere!

Things You Should Know About Namma Davanagere!

Davangere, the city that was known as the Manchester of Karnataka, is situated in the heart of Southern Karnataka. Famous for its textile industries till the 80’s, Davangere has sprung up as a major hub for agro-industrial activities. Majority of the agro-activities revolve around rice and sugarcane. The 6th biggest city in the state of Karnataka, this city boasts of the great quality of education that various institutes provide through a variety of courses.
Art, Music, Carnivals and Literature: Like every other state or city in India, Davangere also celebrates a variety of festivals and are very intimately connected to the religious beliefs. People of every religion celebrate different festivals with lot of zeal, delight and enthusiasm. Apart from the festivities, sports and architecture also are an integral part of the Davangere culture. The architectural wonders of the ancient India will leave you mesmerised. All the festivals of Davangere are marked by colourful decorations, pretty traditional clothing and delicious eateries. Some festivals of Davangere that one should definitely be a part of are:

  • Durgambika Devi Jatre
  • Dasara Doll Festival
  • Ugadi
  • Karaga Festival
  • Mahashivratri
  • Kadambotsava Cultural Festival

Cookeries: Davangere has its own speciality in food and cuisines. It also has the blend of north and south Karnataka dishes. You will find scrumptious food and delicious fruit juices to win over your taste buds. Their food items are made from the unique and creative usage of rice. The speciality of Davanagere includes:

  • Benne Dosa
  • Benne Masala Dosa
  • Benne Open Dosa
  • Kara Mandakki
  • Menasinakaayi
  • Nargis Mandakki Uppittu
  • Avalakki
  • Rice Bath and many more…

Famous ‘Guladiki Unndi’ is a Davangere special sweet dish.
Venue spots: We all need a seamless venue to make our special days memorable. Here are some wonderful halls for the celebration of your most important day:

  • Shramjeevi Function Hall
  • Gouri Estate Kalyan Mandapam
  • Thogataveera Kalyan Mantapa

Vacationers’ spots: Davanagere has something for every tourist. This city gives an experience of picturesque hilltop, serene lakes and centuries-old temples & shrines. Some of the remarkable spots to visit here are:

Luminaries: The land of Davangere has given us few prominent faces. Vinay Kumar, the famous Indian Cricketer and former Chief Minister of Karnataka, Shri J H Patel.

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